Nerja is a pictoresque fishermen’s village, which became one of the best known resorts in the province of Málaga (about 60 km from the city of Málaga). The main attraction  is its location between steep cliffs.

We will drive through the region called Axarquía (the name comes from arabic: “eastern part“). This region is very famous for its tropical plantations of mangos and avocados, recently also papayas.

When we arrive to Nerja we will walk through its winding and narrow streets until the famous Balcony of Europe, a promenade built on the cliffs, which forms the magnificent stamp of this beautiful place.

After free time to enjoy the rich dishes of the local gastronomy we will go to Frigiliana (about 30 min), one of the white-washed villages on the slopes of the mountains, which until today retains its Andalusian character through its streets, houses and sewerage, built in the sixteenth century.

We will start the visit with the House of Aperos, today the Tourist Office and Archaeological Museum of Frigiliana. Building was strongly linked to the Ingenio, once manor house of the lords of Frigiliana. Today Ingenio houses the only working factory in Europe for the sugar cane honey. We will walk through the streets explaining the source of income of  this endearing village: sugar cane honey, raisins, sweet wine, dried figs, multicolor carpets called “jarapa”, etc…

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