Entrance to Morocco, entrance to  Africa. Tangier is a city with deep-seated islamic character, with its medina, with its Kasbah, with its souks. In every corner you can find mosques, bigger or smaller, more or less important. But as a free port it also has a very international character with a very thriving tourism and the economy. That‘s why it is an endearing, surprising and unique city in the world. We invite you to meet Tangier on a 1-day tour to spend an unforgettable day and to savor totally different culture of the European one.

We will depart from the port of Tarifa with a fast ferry, which takes about 45 minutes. In the port of Tangier our private vehicle with a local guide will wait for us. Panoramic route starts through the Malabata neighbourhood, French part, Spanish part, Italian part and American part. Afterwards in Cape Spartel we will admire the Atlantic Ocean with its beaches, we will stop for the typical photo with the camels, visit the Caves of Hercules (where, the legend says, the mythical hero put his hand to separate the African continent from the European) and Phoenician tombs. Once back in the center of the city our visit continues on foot: we will take a walk through Kasbah, medina, Mendoubia Palace, Musician Square, souks and we will also stop for some shopping.

To replenish our forces we will go to a Moroccan restaurant with magnificent views, where we will taste a typical Moroccan lunch (couscous or tajine), accompanied at the end with a belly dance. After lunch return to the port and return to Europe.

  • Destination

  • Recommendation / Notice

    compulsory passport, comfortable footwear
  • It includes

    ferry Tarifa-Tánger-Tarifa, police procedure, accompanying local guide throughout the stay in Morocco, port fees, luxury Moroccan transport (VAN)
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