A natural space of the most spectacular in Europe whose formation lasted several hundred million years. It is characterized by the stunning Karst landscape.

It has a network of trails, which runs through a part of the landscape and approaches us to the breathtaking rocky forms.

From the point where we leave the vehicle you can choose two routes:

  • Shorter one, green, 1 hour approx.
  • Longer one, yellow, 2 hours approx.

During the tour we will admire the curious rock formations and various types of plants and animals typical for this habitat, for example : vultures, eagles or Ibex. After finishing the tour we will have free time for a lunch in the restaurant of the Visitor Center where you can also find educational space to learn more and to acquire some souvenirs.

depends on choice of route
  • Destination

  • Difficulty

    very easy, children from 8 years of age are welcome
  • Recommendation / Notice

    mountain footwear